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Concierge Employment Law Counselors is an innovative approach to helping employers manage workplace law challenges. This program offers premier service, tremendous responsiveness, cost efficiency, price certainty, and helpful and strategic advice stemming from more than 30 years of legal practice and proven business acumen. The flat monthly fee approach eliminates the disincentives to discussing issues, situations or concerns with your employment counsel created by billing time in tenths of an hour. Your Concierge Employment Law Counselor will be available whenever your needs arise, 24-7, 365 days a year.

Fundamental to this service is not only valuable advice for handling difficult employment related situations, but also a focus on proactive measures to minimize the many landmines that exist for employers. This is something most HR professionals and business owners simply don’t have time to do.  Thus, Concierge Employment Law Counseling includes services such as: 

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Joe Beachboard

Joseph (“Joe”) Beachboard is a nationally recognized expert on labor and employment law issues.  He helps employers avoid work-related legal exposure, including providing training to a variety of high-profile organizations.  He regularly speaks at large employment law conferences around the country and has been quoted in a number of prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, National Law Journal, and HR Magazine.

Joe brings a strong business perspective to his practice, formed in part by the 10 years he served as President of The Labor Letters Inc.  The Labor Letters provided information services, resources, and practical advice to 10,000 employers on labor and employment law developments in 26 states.  Before his decade in the business world, Joe practiced law at Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker in Los Angeles.

In 2001, Joe joined employment law specialty firm Ogletree Deakins.  For more than a decade he served as the chair of Ogletree's Client Services Committee–which oversaw the marketing, business development, publications, events, and other strategic initiatives of the firm.  Joe also was the firm's Chief Strategy Officer for eight years, and concluded his time at Ogletree as a Managing Director for six years.  In these roles, he worked directly with the firm’s 55 offices and nearly 1000 attorneys in six countries.


While Joe has engaged in active litigation on behalf of management in the past, today his practice focuses on advising employers to help them avoid or limit employment-related liability. In addition, he has developed an expertise in providing informative and engaging training programs–and has worked with dozens of companies around the country, including a number of high-profile organizations with unique needs. Among others, he has worked with:

Joe produced two series of the popular video, “Are You Smarter Than An HR Professional,” that has been used by hundreds of employers and HR organizations to demonstrate the common disconnect between management and employees.



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